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Swimming with Dolphins
Swimming with Dolphns
An investigation of the natural history and mythology of dolphins which examines how they interact with humans and how a selection of fifteen individuals have had their lives changed by dolphin encounters, and considers the case for dolphins having telepathic and extra-sensory abilities.
Dingle bay dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, with great philosophy and minds
The Dolphin of Dingle Bay
A Close up of the Dolphins from Dingle Bay.
Dolphins, with lovely pictures that show how clever their minds are
I saw this book ... and i thought it was a really good book for dolphin lovers like me.it has loads of fact in and lovely pictures it also shows you how clever they are so thats why i'm going to buy it.check it out for youself.
animal communication, society and spirit
The design of Animal Communication
When animals, including humans, communicate, they convey information and express their perceptions of the world. Because different organisms are able to produce and perceive different signals, the animal world contains a diversity of communication systems. This book looks at animal communication from the four perspectives of mechanisms, ontogeny, function and phylogeny.
Blue Dolphins
Island of the Blue Dolphins
O'Dell was inspired by the real-life story of a 12-year-old American Indian girl, Karana. The author based his book on the life of this remarkable young woman who, during the evacuation of Ghalas-at (an island off the coast of California), jumped ship to stay with her young brother who had been abandoned on the island. He died shortly thereafter, and Karana fended for herself on the island for 18 years.
psychic powers with animal behavious, from the dolphins
The Dolphin
The Dolphin is a close up with illustrations of the prince of waves.

Swim with Dolphins - Do you want to actually go swimming with dolphins? These links will take you to all the different websites around the world where you can actually arrange to swim with these wonderful creatures. We hope that you enjoy seeing all the great dolphin pictures and information that they have to offer and you may, one day, get to swim with the dolphins!

Australia and New Zealand
Australia and New Zealand
Calm sheltered waters of Mandurah - only one hour south of Perth, Western Australia, or in a beautiful bay north of Sydney, or wild bottlenose dolphins of Port Phillip Bay, Victoria. Also New Zealand's finest Maritime park. Visit Kerikeri, Paihia and Russell, the historic birthplace of New Zealand.
The Bahamas
The Bahamas
Imagine a week filled with bright sun, deliciously warm sea and spirited friendly wild dolphins! Or a week long adventure at sea aboard the 65' research yacht. Join us for the Adventures of a Lifetime! Join us for these exciting and transformational trips to the fabled lands of Atlantis, where we swim with Wild dolphins and journey to Sacred Sites
You have a unique opportunity for a memorable day that you and your family or friends will be interested in... a chance to swim with dolphins! Florida Keys, Key West, Key Largo and Orlando.
Swim with Dolphins in Hawaii
Imagine entering the world of the ocean to share a moment of mutual discovery with an enchanting dolphin friend. Although our oceans teem with life, few creatures of the great blue expanse are as magical as Dolphins, the angels of the sea. Experiencing their presence, and underwater voices in a sensitive and thoughtful style, is an imaginative experience to be cherished forever.
Cost Rica, Dominican Republic, Ireland, Egypt, Eilat - Isreal, Mexico, United Kingdom
All other locations
The Devine Dolphin - Costa Rica, Humpback Whales and Dolphins - Dominican Republic , Dingle Bay Dolphin - Ireland, Dolphin Swims - Red Sea Egypt , Dolphin Reef Eilat - Isreal , Dolphin Discovery - Mexico, Dolphin City - United Kingdom

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