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Swim with Dolphins - Do you want to actually go swimming with dolphins? These links will take you to all the different websites around the world where you can actually arrange to swim with these wonderful creatures. We hope that you enjoy seeing all the great dolphin pictures and information that they have to offer and you may, one day, get to swim with the dolphins!

Wild Dolphin Swim Bimini, Bahamas
Wild Dolphin Swim - Bimini Bahamas
Imagine a week filled with bright sun, deliciously warm sea and spirited friendly wild dolphins! Our main activity....... daily swims with these intelligent, intuitive, loving creatures as we allow them to teach us about joyful living and creative freedom. Kayaking, snorkeling coral reefs alive with colorful fish, exploring lively Bimini once home to Hemingway or just star gazing at night are delightful diversions. Come "dance with the dolphins" and set your spirit free!
Synergy Dolphin Experience
Synergy Dolphin Experience
Daniel's devotion to the Dolphins inspired his commitment to showing the world that we share this planet with a truly sentient species, who, history has shown us, has been actively reaching out to us, in the wild, to intelligently interact in all sorts of ways. He takes people out to swim with friendly free-roaming Dolphins in the wild ocean, to give people an intimate experience with them, in their own environment, on their own terms. The extraordinary experience of being greeted by these Dolphins in their own habitat is so exhilirating & uplifting that many people consider it a `Spiritual' experience, that seems to change their lives in profound ways.
Sea Fever Diving Cruises
Sea Fever Diving Cruises
Each of our six cruise itineraries has unique dive sites. For instance, on two itineraries there are opportunities to snorkel with wild dolphins, as well as experience a shark dive. Shark dives are available on four different itineraries and Blue Hole dives are available on two other itineraries. Bahamas diving opportunities are as varied and as different as the islands, themselves. For over 22 years, the Sea Fever has been devoted to an ongoing exploration for the best Bahamas diving and many new and exciting dives are added to our log each year.
The Dream Team
The Dream Team
The Dream Team would like to bring you eye to eye with friendly wild Spotted Dolphin . Join us for a week long adventure at sea aboard the 65' research yacht "Dream Too". We offer you the most unique and exciting adventure tours to the Bahamas. Specializing in introducing small groups of people to pods of Atlantic Spotted Dolphins in their natural environment. We take you to swim with dolphins in the warm crystal clear blue waters of the Little Bahama Bank (shallow sea).
The Divine Dolphin
The Divine Dolphin
The Divine Dolphin is dedicated to enriching the deep connection that humans have with our friends in the ocean, the dolphins and whales. We'd like to share with you stories from people who have experienced this deep connection, and, we also offer eco-oriented swims in their natural habitats so you can experience for yourself the joy, love and magic the dolphins and whale's offer so unconditionally to us. We are also dedicated to the preservation and protection of the dolphins and whales and their beautiful ocean homes.
Planetary Partners - Swim with Wild dolphins
Planetary Partners
Our mission is bringing more Joy to the world, thru awakening our innate connection with the world around us. We do this through our programs, presentations, writings and adventure retreats. Join us for the Adventures of a Lifetime! Join us for these exciting and transformational trips to the fabled lands of Atlantis, where we swim with Wild dolphins and journey to Sacred Sites

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