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Swim with Dolphins - Do you want to actually go swimming with dolphins? These links will take you to all the different websites around the world where you can actually arrange to swim with these wonderful creatures. We hope that you enjoy seeing all the great dolphin pictures and information that they have to offer and you may, one day, get to swim with the dolphins!

Dolphin World - Florida Keys
Dolphin World
You have a unique opportunity for a memorable day that you and your family or friends will be interested in... a chance to swim with dolphins! Dolphin swimming is a very natural and rewarding experience. Beside the excitement of swimming with real live dolphins, you will have memories that will last a lifetime. The Dolphin World homepage will help expand your knowledge about the beautiful dolphins and finding out about dolphin swims in different countries. The Florida Keys dolphin swim is a great place to start on your adventure.
Wild Dolphin Adventures - Key West Florida
Wild Dolphin Adventures - Key West
Interactive wild dolphin watching & swimming ecology tour expeditions in Key West's beautiful back country & Gulf of Mexico. Swim with Key West's resident pod of Atlantic Bottle-nosed Dolphins in their natural home on your trip aboard the CORAL REEFER, a fast twin engine 28' custom built boat. Hear wild dolphins with a special underwater hydrophone.
Discovery Cove Orland Florida
Discovery Cove - Orlando
Discovery Cove is the ultimate tropical paradise where you do it all - all in one place. It's the centerpiece of a daylong adventure at Discovery Cove, located adjacent to SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida. Interacting one-on-one with a bottlenose dolphin is just one of the several experiences in this exotic tropical oasis that will stay with you for a lifetime.
Dolphin Plus - Key Largo
Dolphin Plus - Key Largo
Dolphins Plus is an education and research facility located in sunny Key Largo, Florida. Dolphins Plus houses 12 Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins and 2 California Sea Lions. Our focus is to educate the public about dolphins and their environment, and to give our guests the opportunity to join their world. Swimmers can go in the water and interact with our dolphins "up close and personal."
Human Dolphin Institute
Human Dolphin Institute
The Human Dolphin Institute is a Conservation Society in the State of Florida. It is dedicated to the better understanding of humans, dolphins, and their relationship. Our focus is on education and conservation so that an interactive relationship can be maintained in the best interest of both species. We teach love and respect for these wonderful mammals and with a little patience and dedication, people can come and live one of the most intense and beautiful experiences that our planet has to offer.
Wild About Dolphins
Wild About Dolphins
Experience the magical world of the Dolphins as you journey through the local waters of Key West, Florida aboard "Amazing Grace" guided by Captain Sheri Sullenger. Snorkel & swim in the waters where the dolphins play. Observe & interact with them in their natural habitat.

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Swim with Dolphins

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