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Swim with Dolphins - Do you want to actually go swimming with dolphins? These links will take you to all the different websites around the world where you can actually arrange to swim with these wonderful creatures. We hope that you enjoy seeing all the great dolphin pictures and information that they have to offer and you may, one day, get to swim with the dolphins!

Wild Side ECO Adventures
Wild Side ECO Adventures
Although our oceans teem with life, few creatures of the great blue expanse are as magical as Dolphins, the angels of the sea. Experiencing their presence, and underwater voices in a sensitive and thoughtful style, is an imaginative experience to be cherished forever. Free-ranging spinner dolphins have frequented this unique dolphin/human interaction area for 800 years. Our charters combine the magic of dolphin encounters with education for a truly memorable experience.
Joan Ocean Dolphin Connection
Joan Ocean Dolphin Connection
In Hawaii I meet with the Pilot whales, the Humpbacks, the Spotted dolphins, Bottlenose and Spinners of the Pacific, all with a Lemurian heritage. Now I am also in contact with the whales of the Atlantic. I meet these whales in the warm Caribbean waters, after they migrate from the north. As I swim among these very wise and gentle Guardians of our planet, I learn more about their large brain holographics and the other civilizations they know. These spiritual and benevolent civilizations from distant star systems are observing our planet and are in contact with the cetaceans.
Dolphin Quest - Hawaii
Dolphin Quest
Imagine entering the world of the ocean to share a moment of mutual discovery with an enchanting dolphin friend. Guests have the opportunity to meet the dolphins with a special hands-on experience in both the shallow water areas, as well as don face masks and join the dolphins and trainer in the deeper parts of the lagoon to observe the grace and beauty of these majestic creatures.
 Magical Island Hawaii Retreat
Magical Island Hawaii Retreat
We invite you to swim with dolphins in Hawaii, experience a euphoric sense of self and regenerate your body and soul as you join us for a Magical Island Hawaii Retreat. A Magic Isle experience is a time for you to awaken your creativity, to take possession of your life, your purpose and your passion. We offer you workshops, meditations and adventures designed to assist you in creating what you need to empower your dreams!

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Swim with Dolphins

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