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Swim with Dolphins - Do you want to actually go swimming with dolphins? These links will take you to all the different websites around the world where you can actually arrange to swim with these wonderful creatures. We hope that you enjoy seeing all the great dolphin pictures and information that they have to offer and you may, one day, get to swim with the dolphins!

The Devine Dolphin Costa Rica
The Devine Dolphin - Costa Rica
When we arrived in Drake Bay in December 1998, had no idea of the amounts of cetaceans we would find here, over 25 species of dolphins and whales!! We have constantly been blown away by the variety and numbers of cetaceans this area holds. For this reason we have become a non-profit foundation, Fundacion Delfin de Costa Rica in order to educate, research and protect the cetaceans in this incredibly rich area. Our main goal is to create a National Marine Sanctuary in the waters surrounding the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica.
Humpback Whales and Dolphins Dominican Republic
Humpback Whales and Dolphins - Dominican Republic
Humpback Whales and wild dolphins in the Silver Bank, Dominican Republic. The winter birthing and mating grounds for these magnificent creatures. An unbelievable week of picture taking and actually having soft "in-water" encounters beside these gentle giants, the Humpback Whales. You will never be the same! The highlight of this trip though is the possibility for multiple soft-in-water encounters with the whales. This happens when the whales are more sedate, and most often occurs when a mother and calf approach us and indicate their interest in having us join them in the water.
Dolphin City. Moray Firth. United Kingdom.
Dolphin City - United Kingdom
Dolphinicity Surveys is a unique cetacean survey project. It was established to contribute to the study and protection of whales, dolphins and porpoises in UK waters and to provide opportunities for people to observe and learn about cetaceans and their natural environment. We hope also that we will be able to offer places to people who would benefit from the therapeutic experience of a close encounter with wild dolphins.
 Dolphin Swims - Red Sea Egypt Dolphin Swims - Red Sea Egypt
This is an unique opportunity to swim with wild, free, friendly dolphins in the warm clear waters of the Red Sea. A mother and baby dolphin live close to the shore of a Bedouin village and enjoy human company. Almost every day since 1992, the mother has been swimming with people and is now accompanied by her female calf. The rest of the time can be spent enjoying the beaches, camel trekking, scuba diving, snorkeling, or on desert safaris with the local Bedouins.
 Dolphin Reef Eilat Red Sea Isreal
Dolphin Reef Eilat - Isreal
Dolphin Reef Eilat, on the shores of the Red Sea, is a unique attraction. At the Reef, visitors are given the special opportunity to meet and observe dolphins in their natural habitat. They live together as a group, or pod, and are never separated from one another. The dolphins have the freedom of choice to stay in the site or go out to the open sea. The fact that the dolphins choose to return to the site reinforces, in our opinion, the bond created between them and us.
Dolphin Discovery. Swim with Dolphins in Mexico.
Dolphin Discovery - Mexico
Imagine the thrill of dolphins pulling you through the water, pushing you by your feet or leaping over you. Then put on your snorkeling gear and complete your adventure with the freestyle portion of your swim. Picture yourself racing the dolphins across the water's surface or diving to the sandy bottom enjoying their playful antics ... memorable photo opportunities, to say the least.

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